Sunday, 5 February 2017

Kids - Craft - Sunday

Hi There,

So as a complete opposite to last week, something messy, not able to gift but definitely to learn from. We made cornstarch slime. Corn starch is funny stuff......

You need two glasses, one with water, one with cornstarch, glue, a bowl and a spoon.

Mix one glass of cornstarch with half a glass of water.

How can it look runny but feel rock solid ?

Even now it looks really runny but feels really slimy.

We added more starch and some glue to see if it got stickier.

It only got slimier.
We poured it on his hands over the sink, added heaps of water and let it run away. We had a good hour of fun with that and discussing what happened.
You could add colouring and / or glitter for more fun.

Back soon, let me know what your kids thought of this !


Friday, 3 February 2017

Photo challenge 2017

Hi there,

In looking on the world wide web for challenges I stumbled across hundreds of photo challenges. Some of them require special macro lenses and other professional photo gear.

I was look for one to challenge me to take more photo's and perhaps even scrap them again.
I found this one by 'Laughing kids learn'. The prompts are easy and even though they are intended as photo's with your kids, they don't have to be.

So let your imagination run with you, grab your camera or smartphone and take more photo's.
Come share them with me here or on facebook. Place #52weeksofplay with your photo so everyone joining in can see all the photo's.

Here are two photo's foor week 6. He just loved this subject and could not wait to get his hands on my purse whahahaha

Back soon !

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Chistmas card challenge week 4

Hi there,

This might seem a little weird but if you are love crafting and are a little low on mojo, like I am sometimes there are heaps of challenges out there.

I stumbled across a few Christmas card challenges. These are to keep you working on your Christmas cards all year round. No more rushing to finish them towards December, especially cool if you need to send a few around the world like me. Also every card is original :) Love that too !!

I found some challenges on line. Some give you a sketch or colours to use and other just ask to share your card. If you upload your card you could even be chosen as week winner :)

So I made a card, without checking out any of the 'rules'. Stuff laying about and Christmas I wanted to throw out but not sure what to craft with it either.

You can check out the following blogs for some of the challenges, or you can join me in a new challenge.
A dutch blog, with a sketch up for this week.
A blog with a word challenge which is handy if you need inspiration but you don't have to use it is you don't need any.
CCT is short for Christmas Card Throwdown. They have a cool colour challenge up this week.

So here is my Christmas card.
I used coloured card, it goed from light to dark and depending on the light its either brown or purple.
I made glistening snowflakes with gluing them and letting it dry. This you can probably see best on the bottom photo. I used some burlap from an old piece of decoration used on a bunch of flowers. I used a piece of Christmas fabric and stamped on it. The deer was already there LOL Two little wooden stars on string, knotted together and stapled to the card.

A close up of the stamped fabric.

A close up of the text, which could have been better. I guess I need more practice with writing.

I guess I could make a sentiment, to print...I used to be pretty good at that....Hold on a minute.....let me see what I can 'whip up' ....

How is this ?

The fonts used here are Showcard gothic and Lost in Wild. Both free fonts found online. You can download it here if you want are welcome. Click -> HERE. The download is a PNG file. You can print, trace or colour it.

Hope you have fun with this.

Back soon !

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Kids Craft Sunday - Emoticon bookmark

Good day to you 😍

We (saying we i mean, my son and i) have decided this blog should have something for everyone. So WE decided to do a craft for kids, something easy, not too messy, can be put to use AND used as gift for someone else.

So here we are with our first Kids - Craft - Sunday. Emoticons are everywhere, you won't see a facebook, twitter or text message without one nowadays.

This week we are making an Emoticon Bookmark. We all have one now. Yvano gave one to Grandpa and some of our friends as a small birthday gift. They are also excellant handouts.

The steps are below. Modelled of course by my one and only 😋

we need: Yellow paper (as most emoticons are yellow - however feel free to do a green one if someone is sick or a pink one if you are feelin'  extremely girly), some coloured paper for eyes, tears, tongues and whatever you can think of, felt pens, glue, scissors, a pencil and a glass or small bowl (for the size of the emoticon).

First of all we need to make the paper square. We do this by folding over one corner and making the to sides touch.
 Cut off the little bit at the side.'s square 😌

Now, we leave it folded as a triangle and fold both points up the middle.

Then we end up with a smaller square, with a line down the middle.

Fold open de the corners and fold down the top to touch the bottom.

This is a difficult bit. Take the corners, fold them back up and stick them behind the single flap.

We unfold them from behind the flap and put a good dollop of glue on the flaps and refold them.

We turn it over and draw circle around the bowl. Its important to have two edges sticking over the folded edges or your emoticon will fall apart.

Cut it out neatly and turn it back over. 

Now we make the 'soul' of your emoticon. Make the eyes, tears or tongue....

  Decorate away, use pens, papers, goggly eyes, even glitter if you are making a girly or a disco one.

And there you have it. One finished book mark.

Just slide it on the corner of your book.

We hope you have fun. Let me see what you (or your kids) made of their bookmark by posting your photo in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice Sunday !
With kindest regards,
Jacquie & Yvano

Saturday, 28 January 2017

I Love Blogging

Hi there,

I love blogging. I can blog about so many things. I have had word-art blogs, recipe blogs, weight loss blogs, too many to mention. Can i blog about enough to keep people interested and coming back to read again and again.

When considering making a new blog i did some googling and found many blogs that cover life's daily issues.

I found some awesome links which i would like to share in the near future. I would like this blog to get you excited to join in with some of the challenges, which i will also share. Ha, i want it to keep me excited not to join in but to follow them through the whole year.

About me:

I am Scottish.
Mums family from Dumbarton, Dads family from Aberdeenshire. I was born at Leuchars. An RAF base i believe. Lived there until i was 13 years old.

I live in Holland
A little village in Zaanstad, about 30 minutes above Amsterdam. Been here since 1998 and very happy with the area.

I am married
I married my best friend in 1997. When we married we had been together for 9 years. Knew each other really well, swore we were going to have fun in life and never have any kids.

I am a mum
Well that turned out well LOL. Yes, he was planned and i fell pregnant so quickly i couldn't change my mind even if i wanted to LOL. He is 12 now and a handful. He has ADHD and PDD-NOS. Did i say he was a handful...yes he is but i love him to bits.

I work 7 hours a day (paid lol)
I work 5 days a week. I am Quality issues for a fresh fish supplier. Love it. Most days.

I do housework
I try to plan it. A little each day, truth be told, not my thing. I would rather be watching one of my favourite series or creating something fun.

I am creative
I love scrapping (digital or paper), i love making jewellery, playing with aluminium wire and have found a few new things i would love trying.

I love cooking and taking photos, playing with recipes and mixing spices. I am sure all of these will pass by sooner or later. I love challenges to do with these or all of the above.

I am following an Access course
I saw a data sheet and wanted to make one of my own. Its complicated but seeing the finished paper with be worth it.

I love Harry Potter and Vin Diesel
Not necessarily in that order. I love the books and films J.K. Rowling has made and i love watching Vin Diesel in any capacity.

I read Wilbur Smith
He writes about South Africa, that has Scottish influences as well as Dutch. At this moment i am reading FARAO.

I have had Bariatric Surgery.
Two years ago i was approved for surgery and i have lost 70 kg's. Would do it again in a flash. I do have 'reactive hypoglycemia' but i am happy with the way i am.

So i will try to be back soon to update my new blog.