Sunday, 29 January 2017

Kids Craft Sunday - Emoticon bookmark

Good day to you 😍

We (saying we i mean, my son and i) have decided this blog should have something for everyone. So WE decided to do a craft for kids, something easy, not too messy, can be put to use AND used as gift for someone else.

So here we are with our first Kids - Craft - Sunday. Emoticons are everywhere, you won't see a facebook, twitter or text message without one nowadays.

This week we are making an Emoticon Bookmark. We all have one now. Yvano gave one to Grandpa and some of our friends as a small birthday gift. They are also excellant handouts.

The steps are below. Modelled of course by my one and only 😋

we need: Yellow paper (as most emoticons are yellow - however feel free to do a green one if someone is sick or a pink one if you are feelin'  extremely girly), some coloured paper for eyes, tears, tongues and whatever you can think of, felt pens, glue, scissors, a pencil and a glass or small bowl (for the size of the emoticon).

First of all we need to make the paper square. We do this by folding over one corner and making the to sides touch.
 Cut off the little bit at the side.'s square 😌

Now, we leave it folded as a triangle and fold both points up the middle.

Then we end up with a smaller square, with a line down the middle.

Fold open de the corners and fold down the top to touch the bottom.

This is a difficult bit. Take the corners, fold them back up and stick them behind the single flap.

We unfold them from behind the flap and put a good dollop of glue on the flaps and refold them.

We turn it over and draw circle around the bowl. Its important to have two edges sticking over the folded edges or your emoticon will fall apart.

Cut it out neatly and turn it back over. 

Now we make the 'soul' of your emoticon. Make the eyes, tears or tongue....

  Decorate away, use pens, papers, goggly eyes, even glitter if you are making a girly or a disco one.

And there you have it. One finished book mark.

Just slide it on the corner of your book.

We hope you have fun. Let me see what you (or your kids) made of their bookmark by posting your photo in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice Sunday !
With kindest regards,
Jacquie & Yvano