Saturday, 28 January 2017

I Love Blogging

Hi there,

I love blogging. I can blog about so many things. I have had word-art blogs, recipe blogs, weight loss blogs, too many to mention. Can i blog about enough to keep people interested and coming back to read again and again.

When considering making a new blog i did some googling and found many blogs that cover life's daily issues.

I found some awesome links which i would like to share in the near future. I would like this blog to get you excited to join in with some of the challenges, which i will also share. Ha, i want it to keep me excited not to join in but to follow them through the whole year.

About me:

I am Scottish.
Mums family from Dumbarton, Dads family from Aberdeenshire. I was born at Leuchars. An RAF base i believe. Lived there until i was 13 years old.

I live in Holland
A little village in Zaanstad, about 30 minutes above Amsterdam. Been here since 1998 and very happy with the area.

I am married
I married my best friend in 1997. When we married we had been together for 9 years. Knew each other really well, swore we were going to have fun in life and never have any kids.

I am a mum
Well that turned out well LOL. Yes, he was planned and i fell pregnant so quickly i couldn't change my mind even if i wanted to LOL. He is 12 now and a handful. He has ADHD and PDD-NOS. Did i say he was a handful...yes he is but i love him to bits.

I work 7 hours a day (paid lol)
I work 5 days a week. I am Quality issues for a fresh fish supplier. Love it. Most days.

I do housework
I try to plan it. A little each day, truth be told, not my thing. I would rather be watching one of my favourite series or creating something fun.

I am creative
I love scrapping (digital or paper), i love making jewellery, playing with aluminium wire and have found a few new things i would love trying.

I love cooking and taking photos, playing with recipes and mixing spices. I am sure all of these will pass by sooner or later. I love challenges to do with these or all of the above.

I am following an Access course
I saw a data sheet and wanted to make one of my own. Its complicated but seeing the finished paper with be worth it.

I love Harry Potter and Vin Diesel
Not necessarily in that order. I love the books and films J.K. Rowling has made and i love watching Vin Diesel in any capacity.

I read Wilbur Smith
He writes about South Africa, that has Scottish influences as well as Dutch. At this moment i am reading FARAO.

I have had Bariatric Surgery.
Two years ago i was approved for surgery and i have lost 70 kg's. Would do it again in a flash. I do have 'reactive hypoglycemia' but i am happy with the way i am.

So i will try to be back soon to update my new blog.