Friday, 3 February 2017

Photo challenge 2017

Hi there,

In looking on the world wide web for challenges I stumbled across hundreds of photo challenges. Some of them require special macro lenses and other professional photo gear.

I was look for one to challenge me to take more photo's and perhaps even scrap them again.
I found this one by 'Laughing kids learn'. The prompts are easy and even though they are intended as photo's with your kids, they don't have to be.

So let your imagination run with you, grab your camera or smartphone and take more photo's.
Come share them with me here or on facebook. Place #52weeksofplay with your photo so everyone joining in can see all the photo's.

Here are two photo's foor week 6. He just loved this subject and could not wait to get his hands on my purse whahahaha

Back soon !