Sunday, 5 February 2017

Kids - Craft - Sunday

Hi There,

So as a complete opposite to last week, something messy, not able to gift but definitely to learn from. We made cornstarch slime. Corn starch is funny stuff......

You need two glasses, one with water, one with cornstarch, glue, a bowl and a spoon.

Mix one glass of cornstarch with half a glass of water.

How can it look runny but feel rock solid ?

Even now it looks really runny but feels really slimy.

We added more starch and some glue to see if it got stickier.

It only got slimier.
We poured it on his hands over the sink, added heaps of water and let it run away. We had a good hour of fun with that and discussing what happened.
You could add colouring and / or glitter for more fun.

Back soon, let me know what your kids thought of this !